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Summary added new bases at Zelenogorsk, International Airport and the North East Airstrip. It also fixed several serious bugs.



Important highlights from this release

  1. New bases at Zelenogorsk, International Airport and North East Airstrip.
  2. Fixed bug that allowed players to heal/refuel at some static structures.
  3. Fixed bug where every player spawned as a survivor, and only changed into real skin after first reconnect.


All updates for this release


  • DZ-38 CLOSED Cleanup overhaul
  • DZ-21 CLOSED Player login/logout needs to use recordAction function
  • DZ-15 CLOSED Faction zombies
  • DZ-14 CLOSED Chernarus Update
  • DZ-5 CLOSED Zombie spawns rebalancing


  • DZ-37 CLOSED CharacterID can be ANY on logout
  • DZ-33 CLOSED Disable special features for warfare buildings
  • DZ-23 CLOSED ArmA2OA / HiveEXT crash
  • DZ-19 CLOSED Can't do legit logoff /w broken bones
  • DZ-16 CLOSED Vehicle damage status does not save to database
  • DZ-11 CLOSED Create infinite ammo for the shotgun
  • DZ-9 CLOSED You lose your hero/bandit-skin after dying
  • DZ-8 CLOSED ItemMachete is broken and does not spawn
  • DZ-6 CLOSED Character logging is bloated
  • DZ-4 CLOSED Zero divisor: fn_unconscious.sqf
  • DZ-2 CLOSED Humanity loss/gain is not awarded on kill