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First public release of DayZero Podagorsk. It mostly contained bugfixes.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Fixed bug that prevented players from entering vehicles after killing too many players.
  2. Fixed Podagorsk-related bug that caused inventory to empty.


All updates for this release


  • DZ-54 CLOSED cfgTownGenerator update


  • DZ-59 CLOSED Alot of weapons have invisible zeroing
  • DZ-58 CLOSED [Podagorsk] Vaulting into firestation in Kovrov can make your character stuck undergound.
  • DZ-57 CLOSED Static gun by the bridge to the airfield exploded.
  • DZ-55 CLOSED Can't enter vehicles
  • DZ-51 CLOSED You can consume & drop bloodbags for infinite amounts
  • DZ-48 CLOSED Pathway in Podagorsk Kirsanov will kill players
  • DZ-46 CLOSED Items in main inventory vanish on relog
  • DZ-45 CLOSED Duping possible by relog
  • DZ-35 CLOSED Cant enter vehicle because somebody got a kill
  • DZ-22 CLOSED Killing players from vehicle with gun bugs entering that vehicle