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1.1 was a major patch, with many improvements, bugfixes and new features.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Added the ability to siphon fuel and salvage parts from vehicles.
  2. Added crate as alternative to tent.
  3. Fixed st_movement addons.


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • DZ-78 CLOSED Allow bikes to be repaired without parts
  • DZ-77 CLOSED Siphon fuel from vehicles
  • DZ-76 CLOSED Salvage vehicle parts
  • DZ-65 CLOSED Add a crate as compliment to tent
  • DZ-25 CLOSED Scavenge parts from vehicles


  • DZ-98 CLOSED Removal of unused weapon classes
  • DZ-97 CLOSED Optimised thousand of lines of code
  • DZ-96 CLOSED Remove flies on death due to lag, and unrealistic feature
  • DZ-95 CLOSED After death/logout confirmation, automatically move player back to lobby
  • DZ-85 CLOSED Improve reliability of medical scripts
  • DZ-84 CLOSED Combine magazines when opening inventory/backpack
  • DZ-81 CLOSED Keep MySQL logs for 1 month instead of 2 weeks
  • DZ-79 CLOSED Vehicle repair overhaul
  • DZ-43 CLOSED Don't create tin cans on consumption of food
  • DZ-24 CLOSED Rewrite the weather system


  • DZ-94 CLOSED Missing sound file for long-range rifle fire.
  • DZ-93 CLOSED Recovering from unconsciousness inside a vehicle can eject you from it.
  • DZ-92 CLOSED Clean up drag And load code & files
  • DZ-91 CLOSED Remove drag and load body
  • DZ-90 CLOSED Can modify attachments instantly whilst in vehicle.
  • DZ-89 CLOSED Backpack pickup range is too short
  • DZ-86 CLOSED Login dummy needs to be deleted if player logs out in real body
  • DZ-83 CLOSED Using tents/vehicles to dupe items right before a server restart
  • DZ-80 CLOSED When lagging, clients can dupe weaponholders they are attempting to pick up
  • DZ-74 CLOSED st_movement addons are not working properly
  • DZ-72 CLOSED Players still get stuck after crafting / shooting with weapon on back
  • DZ-71 CLOSED Turbo sprinting (Running at 30km/h without getting exhausted)
  • DZ-70 CLOSED 1911 SD ammo only spawns with the gun
  • DZ-61 CLOSED Glock-17 SD taking regular Glock-17 mags.
  • DZ-32 CLOSED Food & drink resets on relog
  • DZ-26 CLOSED A lot of people combatlogging to deny gear .
  • DZ-17 CLOSED Enter vehicle to speed up fueling