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1.1.2 included many improvements that were not ready for the initial 1.1 release, as well as bug-fixes.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Added a C++ DLL to offload certain actions.
  2. New weather system.
  3. New intro for DayZero Chernarus (played when you start the game without connecting to a server).


All updates for this release


  • DZ-116 CLOSED Remove unused script files
  • DZ-114 CLOSED Merge of backpack base classes (Nothing players will notice)
  • DZ-113 CLOSED Vehicle parts requiring repair should be colored after their damage state.
  • DZ-112 CLOSED Different colours for salvage options in action menu.
  • DZ-109 CLOSED Weather system rewrite/overhaul
  • DZ-108 CLOSED Limit spawn loop for 100% better peformance
  • DZ-107 CLOSED New C++ DLL for 10-1000 times better performance in certain cases
  • DZ-106 CLOSED Main menu logo update
  • DZ-105 CLOSED Updated Chernarus intro (When starting game)
  • DZ-102 CLOSED Magazine merge should occur on backpack opening instead


  • DZ-115 CLOSED Drink icon also shows food status
  • DZ-111 CLOSED Logging in while server is starting up can cause player to get stuck loading.
  • DZ-110 CLOSED Opening backpack sometimes makes player pick up pistol.
  • DZ-103 CLOSED Players can speed up gun-modification animation by entering a vehicle
  • DZ-101 CLOSED Vehicles do not always repair fully