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1.1.4 was mostly a content patch for 1.1. It also included bugfixes.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Many new weapons added.
  2. New clothing from helicopter crashes.
  3. New vehicles.


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • DZ-157 CLOSED UK/US/DE clothing to drop from helicopter crashes
  • DZ-143 CLOSED Add military version of AN2
  • DZ-126 CLOSED Interior added to another barracks building.


  • DZ-156 CLOSED Remove bandit/hero camo skins.
  • DZ-154 CLOSED Due to more barracks at NWA, lower loot spawn chance.
  • DZ-153 CLOSED New weapons: HK416 assault rifle variants
  • DZ-152 CLOSED New vehicles: Taxi cabs
  • DZ-150 CLOSED New vehicles: Cessna 185 aircraft
  • DZ-149 CLOSED New vehicles: UAZ jeep variants
  • DZ-148 CLOSED New vehicles: Kamaz trucks
  • DZ-146 CLOSED New soldier skins for NATO barracks.
  • DZ-145 CLOSED Remove G3 from barracks loot table.
  • DZ-140 CLOSED Increased chance to find ammo on soldier zombies.
  • DZ-139 CLOSED Remove UAZ 451 addon (Request from maker)
  • DZ-127 CLOSED Remove tables and chairs, which atm provide a safezone
  • DZ-125 CLOSED Tents/Crate spawn rate is too high
  • DZ-82 CLOSED Don't immediatly delete destroyed vehicles in database


  • DZ-147 CLOSED Tents and crates spawn too often
  • DZ-144 CLOSED Concrete walls at NWA should be global objects.
  • DZ-142 CLOSED Remove wire fencing kit from loot table
  • DZ-141 CLOSED Garage at NWA should be global object
  • DZ-124 CLOSED Bad FPS since patch 1.1
  • DZ-122 CLOSED "Destroy it" does not work on crates and tents
  • DZ-121 CLOSED Parts/Bandages/Morphine disappears if you abort usage
  • DZ-75 CLOSED Glider stuck in the ground