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1.1.5 was a bugfix and code cleanup release.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Cleaned up and removed unused code.
  2. Fixed several dupe bugs.
  3. Fixed zombies being unable to access fire station roof.


All updates for this release


  • DZ-177 CLOSED Zombie / Loot creation improvement.
  • DZ-174 CLOSED Remove unused files/functions.
  • DZ-173 CLOSED Zombie movement overhaul/improvement.
  • DZ-172 CLOSED Updated loot spots for Fire station.
  • DZ-171 CLOSED Updated loot spots for ATC.
  • DZ-170 CLOSED Slight (10%) increase in bleeding resistance
  • DZ-169 CLOSED Binarize old ArmA2 models to test clientside FPS improvements.
  • DZ-168 CLOSED Using original BIS models to fix "bulletproof trees"


  • DZ-176 CLOSED BIS random select from array function is not random.
  • DZ-175 CLOSED Change from simulation time to real time in "local_gutObject"
  • DZ-165 CLOSED Failed backpack pickup causes player to be unable to perform other actions.
  • DZ-159 CLOSED Magazines disappearing
  • DZ-158 CLOSED Graphical glitch at NWAF southern entrance.
  • DZ-134 CLOSED Zombie pathfinding (Firestation)
  • DZ-132 CLOSED Duping food while cooking.
  • DZ-131 CLOSED Duping meat while gutting animals.