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An almost full rewrite, 1.2.0 fixes many "core" bugs that have plagued DayZ and DayZero since the beginning.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Properly fixes ammo duping using backpacks.
  2. Large scale rewrite of many core mechanics and functions.
  3. Overhauled loot tables.
  4. New buildings opened up.
  5. Buildings in large cities reworked for better FPS.


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • DZ-224 CLOSED Rewrite offline/disconnected player handling.
  • DZ-223 CLOSED Rewrite login system.
  • DZ-222 CLOSED Random vehicle spawn system.
  • DZ-212 CLOSED Add interior to TV/Radio tower. (Green Mountain)
  • DZ-211 CLOSED Add interior to City Hall.
  • DZ-194 CLOSED Zombie ownership transfer between players.
  • DZ-183 CLOSED UI for vehicle repair, salvage and inspect.


  • DZ-257 CLOSED Optimize buildings in large cities for better FPS.
  • DZ-231 CLOSED Weapons should spawn without attachments.
  • DZ-229 CLOSED MK48 has too high spawn rate.
  • DZ-228 CLOSED MK48 is too accurate at long distances.
  • DZ-227 CLOSED Adding toolbox, PPK and old M191 to farm loot tables.
  • DZ-226 CLOSED Tweaking the weather system.
  • DZ-225 CLOSED Preventing 3DP Glitching (Walls, Firestation).
  • DZ-221 CLOSED Rewrite vehicle save system.
  • DZ-220 CLOSED Rewrite character save system
  • DZ-215 CLOSED New vehicle repair/salvage system.
  • DZ-214 CLOSED Cleanup & remove unused code and assets.
  • DZ-210 CLOSED Refactor BIS Multiplayer Framework.
  • DZ-209 CLOSED Survivor/Hero textures should be global and persistent.
  • DZ-207 CLOSED Merge Podagorsk/Chernarus code branches.
  • DZ-205 CLOSED Reworked cargo slot monitoring.
  • DZ-204 CLOSED Allow players to change clothes without the need for full relogging.
  • DZ-203 CLOSED Rewritten player <> object interaction system.
  • DZ-202 CLOSED Rewritten medical system for Persistence Library.
  • DZ-199 CLOSED New font for user interface.
  • DZ-198 CLOSED User interface update.
  • DZ-196 CLOSED Remove unused BIS-functions from library.
  • DZ-187 CLOSED Remove the icon that shows a player is in the lobby in the playerlist
  • DZ-151 CLOSED New vehicles: Bulldozers
  • DZ-67 CLOSED Improve the abort/disconnect timer.
  • DZ-53 CLOSED New vehicle spawns on Podagorsk.


  • DZ-230 CLOSED Players can stop spawning zombies after playing for a while.
  • DZ-218 CLOSED Players should fall off open vehicles when passing out.
  • DZ-217 CLOSED Unable to select gender when creating new character.
  • DZ-216 CLOSED Fixed animation bug in "Flip Vehicle" script.
  • DZ-213 CLOSED Bleeding loops do not terminate properly if bleeding character dies.
  • DZ-208 CLOSED Fix ALL bulletproof trees and bushes.
  • DZ-206 CLOSED Bugs in BIS "airdestruction" functions.
  • DZ-200 CLOSED Missing, incomplete and wrongly configured hit-points on vehicles.
  • DZ-197 CLOSED Content of backpacks inside vehicles is not saved.
  • DZ-193 CLOSED Zombie line-of-sight is broken.
  • DZ-192 CLOSED Wounds are not properly "healed" when bandaging.
  • DZ-191 CLOSED Ammo dupe with backpacks during re-logging.
  • DZ-180 CLOSED Cessna Spawning Upside Down
  • DZ-164 CLOSED Vehicle status won't save properly.
  • DZ-130 CLOSED Can't throw flares/bottles.
  • DZ-128 CLOSED Certain weapons having "invisible" zeroing.