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1.2.5 Fixes several serious bugs and improves zombies.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Zombies no longer spawn inside tables/desks/beds and then die.
  2. Reworked zombie line of sight variables and disabled "zombie talk".
  3. Fixed several serious login/setup bugs.


All updates for this release


  • DZ-243 CLOSED Dedicated spawn spots for zombies inside buildings.
  • DZ-242 CLOSED Zombie improvements/tweaks.


  • DZ-245 CLOSED Empty 'loot piles' (WeaponHolders) are not automatically removed.
  • DZ-244 CLOSED Unable to give morphine to other players.
  • DZ-240 CLOSED Players might get stuck while logging in if missing game files.
  • DZ-239 CLOSED Better login failure handling.