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DayZero 1.3 continues to improve on the 1.2 branch, it adds new vehicle types, tweaks mechanics and fixes bugs.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Helicopters and boats now spawn again.
  2. Vehicle hull repairs properly.
  3. Ammo crates should no longer shift.
  4. Bugfixes and general improvements.


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • DZ-278 CLOSED Add offshore oil rigs to make ships more useful.


  • DZ-288 CLOSED Adjust backpack space.
  • DZ-287 CLOSED Balance size of vehicle parts.
  • DZ-286 CLOSED New boats.
  • DZ-282 CLOSED Minor tweaking of loot tables.
  • DZ-280 CLOSED Move M240, M249 and BetaC mags to Oilrig loot.
  • DZ-279 CLOSED New ammo boxes.
  • DZ-277 CLOSED Add player controlled ships back.
  • DZ-276 CLOSED Add player controlled helicopters back.
  • DZ-259 CLOSED Add new helicopter components to loot tables.
  • DZ-219 CLOSED Adapt respawn rate of loot to number of online players
  • DZ-52 CLOSED Armed Humvee for Podagorsk


  • DZ-285 CLOSED Missing semicolons in TV tower configuration.
  • DZ-284 CLOSED GPS is enabled in caterpillars.
  • DZ-283 CLOSED Crowbar does too much damage.
  • DZ-281 CLOSED Loading screen text is not properly centred.
  • DZ-275 CLOSED Compass is smaller than before.
  • DZ-262 CLOSED Vehicle hull can't be repaired
  • DZ-261 CLOSED Walls not belonging to Chernarus are still glitchable.
  • DZ-260 CLOSED New vehicles sometimes spawn inside objects.
  • DZ-87 CLOSED Add more boats to Podagorsk (and Chernarus!)