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1.3.14 is a bugfix and improvements release.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Airplanes now spawns again.
  2. Zombies can no longer damage players from several meters away.
  3. Less rain at nighttime.


All updates for this release


  • DZ-361 CLOSED Add planes to the vehicle spawn system.
  • DZ-355 CLOSED Zombie aggro range on player death is too large.
  • DZ-354 CLOSED Increase droprate of MR43 shotgun.
  • DZ-353 CLOSED Morphine is too common.
  • DZ-352 CLOSED Remove old code needed because of ArmA2 bug.
  • DZ-350 CLOSED Improved clothes switching script.
  • DZ-313 CLOSED Crossbow damage increase
  • DZ-273 CLOSED Less rain at night.
  • DZ-63 CLOSED Reactivate zombie transfer system


  • DZ-356 CLOSED Radius for spawning zombies needs to be tweaked.
  • DZ-351 CLOSED Zombies attack players from too far away.
  • DZ-336 CLOSED Stage 2 login returns invalid information.
  • DZ-334 CLOSED AI Heli crashes not breaking trees