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1.3.15 is a bugfix release with minor new content and improvements included.



Important highlights from this release

  1. New enterable building with loot, small shed.
  2. Lapua ammo can now be combined.
  3. Multiple exploits fixed.


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • DZ-362 CLOSED Enterable building - Shed


  • DZ-364 CLOSED Code overhaul - Inventory slots.
  • DZ-363 CLOSED Code optimization - Loops.


  • DZ-360 CLOSED Event system crash
  • DZ-359 CLOSED Vehicles sometimes spawns in objects and blow up.
  • DZ-358 CLOSED Zombie Line of Sight check is broken.
  • DZ-357 CLOSED Hold breath exploit.
  • DZ-346 CLOSED Helicopters can spawn inside rubble.
  • DZ-345 CLOSED Lapua ammo can't be combined.
  • DZ-337 CLOSED Heli crashes floating in the air
  • DZ-330 CLOSED Cessna radar needs to be removed.
  • DZ-266 CLOSED Wall in Apartment building is not solid
  • DZ-136 CLOSED 'Turbo sprinting' exploit.