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DayZero 1.4 continues to improve on the 1.3 branch, it re-adds Podagorsk, tweaks mechanics and fixes bugs.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Podagorsk has returned as a map after not working for two years.
  2. New house opened!
  3. M1SE1 now has full attachment support


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • DZ-378 CLOSED Podagorsk is back!
  • DZ-367 CLOSED Enterable building - Timber House


  • DZ-377 CLOSED Lower MRE drop rate
  • DZ-376 CLOSED Add P90 weapon and ammo to Police/Guardhouse
  • DZ-375 CLOSED Remove UMP and P90 from Barracks
  • DZ-374 CLOSED Hunting rifle is too common on the coast
  • DZ-372 CLOSED Enable attachment support from M1SE1
  • DZ-371 CLOSED Drop rate of Toolbox is too low
  • DZ-366 CLOSED Increase droprate of Toolbox in Industrial buildings


  • DZ-373 CLOSED Can't nest 'count' loops.
  • DZ-368 CLOSED New ArmA2OA patch creates dependency errors.
  • DZ-190 CLOSED Alice Pack graphical glitch