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1.4.4 was a minor patch, featuring improvements, balance changes and bugfixes.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Adds a new opened house!
  2. Fixes CZ550 having double zoom.
  3. Fixes the gun elevation problems on the PK pickup trucks.


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • DZ-394 CLOSED Enterable building - Block House


  • DZ-397 CLOSED Knife/Map in the guardhouse should not drop with military loot
  • DZ-395 CLOSED Decrease toolbox spawn chance.


  • DZ-415 CLOSED Missing shadow LOD for enterable shed
  • DZ-414 CLOSED Smoke grenades can destroy metal warehouse
  • DZ-412 CLOSED Multiple boxes spawns on top of each other
  • DZ-393 CLOSED Some "<br/>" in description strings creates errors
  • DZ-392 CLOSED .hpp files are not compiled
  • DZ-391 CLOSED Fix AKM Magazine description to include RK-95
  • DZ-390 CLOSED Fix PK Pickup turret elevation
  • DZ-369 CLOSED Double-zoom on CZ550