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1.4.5 was a patch with numerous improvements and bugfixes. It added proper weapon modification support for almost all remaining weapons that didn't have it and fixed many old bugs. Vehicles were also rebalanced and tweaked.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Weapon modification support for many weapons that didn't have it before.
  2. Rebalanced and improved civilian cars. Better armour and faster off-road.
  3. Smoke grenades and flares now properly attract zombies depending of the time of day.
  4. Suppressors are now split into three different sizes.
  5. Lowered humanity reward for killing bandits from 1000 to 500.
  6. Spray painting of weapons has been overhauled!

All updates for this release

New Feature

  • DZ-444 CLOSED Add Groza-9 and balance it.
  • DZ-443 CLOSED Add new hero skins for donators.
  • DZ-430 CLOSED Add VW Golf and balance it.


  • DZ-442 CLOSED Smoke grenades and flares needs overhaul.
  • DZ-441 CLOSED Add PP-2000 weapon modification support.
  • DZ-438 CLOSED Lower zombie visual aggro distance during daytime.
  • DZ-437 CLOSED Add M4 camouflage modifications.
  • DZ-436 CLOSED Weapon 'paint' modifications needs overhaul.
  • DZ-435 CLOSED Some pistols are over accurate. Needs normalization.
  • DZ-432 CLOSED Different calibre suppressors.
  • DZ-428 CLOSED Replace P90 with P90i.
  • DZ-427 CLOSED Replace MP5A4 with MP5A5.
  • DZ-426 CLOSED Add AKS-74 weapon modification support.
  • DZ-425 CLOSED Add AKS-74M weapon modification support.
  • DZ-424 CLOSED Add AK-74M weapon modification support.
  • DZ-418 CLOSED PKT-truck is too slow on offroad.
  • DZ-417 CLOSED Civilian cars needs a boost offroad.
  • DZ-416 CLOSED Little birds are too slow.
  • DZ-401 CLOSED Add MP5SD6 weapon modification support.
  • DZ-400 CLOSED Add MP5A5 weapon modification support.
  • DZ-399 CLOSED Update SVD to support both PSO/Ironsights.


  • DZ-448 CLOSED Humanity reward for killing bandit is too high.
  • DZ-447 CLOSED Wooden crossbow bolt turns into steel bolt after being fired.
  • DZ-446 CLOSED Vehicles can spawn on islands at Podagorsk.
  • DZ-445 CLOSED Benches at NWA barracks are back.
  • DZ-434 CLOSED M14 and M21 rifles have incorrect spread values.
  • DZ-433 CLOSED RK-95 ACOG sight has wrong graphics.
  • DZ-429 CLOSED Survivor 5-7 skins are missing from available skins.
  • DZ-423 CLOSED M16A* RCO variants have incorrect zeroing values.
  • DZ-422 CLOSED Helicopters can spawninside rubble at Berezino and Chernogorsk.
  • DZ-420 CLOSED Vehicle armor values are not balanced.
  • DZ-419 CLOSED Car component armor values are not balanced.
  • DZ-398 CLOSED Vehicle doors opening can be heard too far away.
  • DZ-396 CLOSED Helicopter part names mixed (tail and mainrotor).
  • DZ-332 CLOSED Smoke grenades do not affect zombies.