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What is DayZero?

DayZero is a PvP-focused Arma 2 modification hosted at All of the servers have 3rd person view disabled at the moment. SE1 is currently running modified version of Chernarus and SE2 is dedicated Podagorsk server. You can use the DayZero launcher to download and update your client. New characters spawn into the world without a backback, carrying only a single bandage. Donators are given a different civilian skin, plus one extra bandage. Each server has 10 slots reserved for donators, to help them connect more easily during busy periods.

How do I play?

You should read our Quickstart quickstart guide! You can find it here: Joining ZOMBIES.NU

Interface and map changes.

DayZero has a sleek custom interface with a dark themed gear menu, custom icons for broken limbs, and offers several custom-modified buildings in Chernarus that have been opened up and made accessible. Notable map changes from normal DayZ include a larger military compound at the North East airfield, a smaller compound in the middle of the North West airfield, a hospital and military tents in Zelenogorsk, and higher walls at certain key locations to deter people from camping in 3rd person view in order to gain an unfair advantage.

Weapons, vehicles and loot.

There are 122 weapons in DayZero, including all the different variations such as silenced, scoped, and so on. If you have an attachment that is compatible with your weapon, it can be attached using a toolbox.

Helicopter crashes are AI-controlled and will fly around the map for a while before crashing at different random locations. They can also be shot down, but will return fire and track the player very aggressively if armed. Crash sites often spawn rare, high-value loot that cannot be found anywhere else on the map.

Gear you loot can be hidden in containers such as boxes or tents. Once placed in the world, these containers do not despawn, and will remain there until you or someone else destroys them.

You cannot travel beyond the map border, nor hide any loot containers there. Attempting to cross the map border will result in your instant death, as well as the instant destruction of any vehicle you may be travelling in.

Any any given time, there can be a maximum of 2 helicopters on each server, plus 125 land vehicles — of which 60 are bicycles.

Kills and broken limbs.

In addition to broken legs, it's also possible to break your arms in DayZero, resulting in highly unstable aim until the appropriate medical care has been applied. Broken or damaged limbs are shown on your character with a blood-stained effect.

When killing an opponent, your kill will not be counted on the leaderboard until you physically study your victim's body and learn their name. It's important to note that the sound of flies has been removed from corpses in DayZero, so in some cases your victim may simply be unconscious and you will have to finish the job.


Cheating is strictly prohibited and is a bannable offense on all DayZero servers. That includes glitching into objects or world geometry, using any sort of item duping technique, or gaining an unfair advantage from any other game exploit or bug. Stream sniping is also prohibited, and is considered just as bad as using ESP hacks. Combatlogging is also prohibited.

People who have received global bans in the past are not allowed to play on our servers, unless they can prove their innocence beyond all reasonable doubt.

Anyone found attempting to circumvent or evade any previous ban, for any reason, will be immediately banned for life without question.

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